Your Personal Success Profile

Your Personal Success Profile


Your Personal Success Profile is a process which will guide you through a variety of tasks that you need to accomplish to get closer to your ultimate goal in life, job, health and relationship. This process had been initially developed for our MBA students, getting them ready to enter or upgrade their careers. The program has been continuously expanded to other important areas in a person’s life, including relationships, health, problem solving, taking new challenges or overcoming the past. YPSP will help you determine what you want to achieve in the different components of your life.

PSP is copyrighted by the Swiss School of Management


Program Structure


Taking on a new challenge, or applying for a job, consists firstly of helping the decision maker on the other side of the table in getting to know you within a short period of time. In order to achieve this, we need to prepare ourselves thoroughly, finding out who we are and how we can positively contribute to the cause of an organization or relationship. Here within, you will lay down the step stones for a successful progression into the YPSP process.



In phase two, you will determine the best suitable position or the best role you might play within an organization or relationship. People will always be measured by their contribution and dedication to the group or the task. Therefore, we need to find out “what” exactly makes us perform better and achieve greater results.



Phase three of the YPSP process is the synthesis of the preceding phases, where you will be summing up who you are, what you want and what you are seeking in life. All this will be summarized within an elevator speech. During this phase, we will work on visualizing, in pictures, what we really want.



Phase four will take place outdoor. Together with all candidates, SSM will be organizing a full-day at the Adventure Camp of Ostia. Group and individual exercises will lead candidates to experience their reactions towards overcoming physical or personal fears.



Phase five is all about feedback. We call it the Image Symposium. A great feedback experience that allows candidates to get direct and immediate feedback on how other people perceive them.